[development] Drupal Answers: A Stackoverflow/StackExchange site proposal

jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Tue Feb 1 01:50:07 UTC 2011

I think like anything else in an open marketplace, in fact, like having 
Drupal itself, the use is going to be determined by the value. I spend 
LOTS of time at DO, some at Lullabot, some at StackOverflow, some at 
drupalmodules.com...not to mention Drupal-related blogs. Being in one of 
my more lucid phases I can clearly see both sides of the discussion. 
There is certainly reason (numerous, actually) that having DO as the 
premiere provider of things Drupal makes sense. That said, being the 
premiere provider of all things Drupal isn't a value statement. In an 
ideal situation, it could be said that doing it in both places would 
result in the better of the two drawing the most visitors, which in turn 
gives incentive to become the better of the two, but there's the factor 
here similar to "why not have Linux and Mac versions too?" of 
software... because the people needed to do it have only so much 
bandwidth, and will end up having to pick one place to put their resources.

Hmmm...indecisive that...perhaps not as lucid as I first thought :)

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