[development] Does Drupal Run in 64 bit Ubuntu Linux Machine

Peter Droogmans Peter at attiks.com
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64bit is no problem at all, but if you expect high load, better add lots of RAM (8GB+) and multiple hard drives, so you can use RAID 5/6 and separate disk sets for system, logging and mysql.

Have also a look at Nginx, my experience is that it’s faster than Apache.

Also your chipset is for desktop machines, better have a look at a real server.

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Subject: [development] Does Drupal Run in 64 bit Ubuntu Linux Machine

Hi All
I wanted to install Drupal 6 / Drupal 7 in a 64 bit Ubuntu machine.
Just wanted to check if Drupal is compatible with 64 bit Ubuntu Linux machine.

My machine's hardware profiles are -
1. CPU intel core i5 650 boxed 3.2 ghz socket 1156
2. MB intel P55 Chipset DH55P J Boxed
3. HDD WD SATA 2Tb 64MB cache

With above hardware profile, and Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit) linux environment, I am planning to install Drupal6/7.
If somebody has already done it , please share if you faced any problems.

Also in a 64 bit ubuntu linux machine, which webserver is recommonded.
I found some people using XAMPP. Is it the best one or you have someother recommondations.
Load on web server will be high, at high load, I am looking for high performing webserver.

Best Regards

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