[development] Making custom fields available to CCK

Karl Giesing khzmusik at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 27 23:56:09 UTC 2011

> function mymodule_content_extra_fields($type_name)

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

Is there some API documentation on this? The only thing I've found is this article on Lullabot:

> You can use hook_field_extra_weights() to reorder fields via the cck manage
> fields screen like the flag module. You should be able to hook_form_alter a
> link to your own, custom settings page into that interface as a convenience.

I will definitely look into that. If hook_content_extra_fields() works, then that may not be necessary, but it doesn't hurt to give users more options.

> In short, developpers list is for technical discussion, not "basic" questions.

How is that a basic question?

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