[development] Git best practices for client codebases

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Tue Mar 1 21:20:34 UTC 2011


There is the awesome Git Deploy module that will go out and interface 
with git meta data and update.drupal.org to determine the correct 
version information for any module checked out directly from Git. I'm 
90% sure that it doesn't even require the git binary to be installed, 
just a PHP library to access/read git data.



larry at garfieldtech.com wrote:
> Unless there's something new in the packager I've not seen yet, using
> d.o pulls in production bypasses the packager. That is, you're then
> missing:
> - The full version information in the info file, which is used by update
> manager.
> - The License.TXT file that every module is supposed to have.
> Is that no longer the case? I'm pretty sure both of those still only
> happen with a tarball, so if you want those (and I do) then you need to
> use a tarball.

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