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As a certified project manager as well as a Drupal developer, I see the TDD 
approach as flawed, particularly if the test and code developers are the same 
person, which the word "first" implies. In a more ideal situation, they would be 
done from a proper Design document - in parallel, by different people. But, in 
my experience, few Drupal development projects follow good methodologies unless 
done by larger contracting companies, so be prepared to throw any methodology 
you know out the window.
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I am beginning to develop for drupal and plan to use it as my framework.  I've 
been using Zend for a while so I am still trying to get used to the way things 
are done.

So far I have some questions about strategies for development since I try to 
follow a TDD methodology (test driven development) where I develop the tests 
first and then go actually developing the code that performs the expected 

If possible I'd like to receive any tips / tutorials about module creation and 
testing methodologies.

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