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Thu Mar 10 14:33:56 UTC 2011

Hey Pooya,

In general multi-site installation enables you to share content, users,
settings, themes, etc throughout your sites. Before you decide between
separate drupal installations or multi-site you should ask yourself if you
share any content between your sites. If yes than what content are you going
to share and how. Basic multi-site installation works in all-or-nothing
fashion. That means you share all of your content (meaning you share tables
in database) or non of it.
You should not be afraid of multi-sites installation. At its basic level
it's similar to single-site installation. Even if you decide you won't share
anything having multiple sites under one Drupal installation gives you as a
developer much flexibility. It's easier to maintain your sites in question
of updates and you can always separate your sites.

Answering your question I would say that if you do want to share anything
you don't need multi-site installation. If you want to share some tables the
easiest way to do this is a multi-site instllation. In fact that's exactly
what it is: sharing tables you configured to be shared. Plus common modules,
themes sharing if you want to. Why one would look for table sharing
mechanism if it's already in core, giving you all the required tools?

Kindest regards,
Adam Ludwinski
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On 10 March 2011 14:14, Pooya <pooya.source at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey guys
> I've done a few sites using drupal but never a multi. I got this new
> customer who wants me to make a huge portal website for manchester united
> team. It's a multi language site, which contains 2 sub-sites: Manchester
> United and England national football team(default is manchester). after lots
> of talking over content and features, I found out that they need all
> galleries, news, menus, front-page and other features to be different for
> each team. This needs 2 different themes at least(each with two language rtl
> and ltr). here's a shot: http://016.img98.net/out.php/i75495_1.png
> To be honest I prefer a framework like CI for such a thing and if using
> drupal avoid multi-sites cause I don't have enough experience with.
> My question here is *what if I don't want to use multi-sites* and share
> some tables. Drupal's a good choice? Have you ever tried to do such a thing?
> any strategy? anything would help me hear rly.
> PS. I want to use drupal because of real good community, and the ability
> which makes me do this real fast(I want to end this project in less than
> 2month max). Also developing's much easier, they may ask for more features
> in like a year after site's done. I have lots of trouble these days adding
> features to old projects.
> --
> Pooya Sanooei
> Twitter <http://twitter.com/sourcesoft> - Facebook<http://facebook.com/pooya.sanooei>-
> Website <http://www.javabgoo.com>
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