[development] Proposal: Move all dev support off this list to new StackExchange site

Shai Gluskin shai at content2zero.com
Fri Mar 18 14:45:47 UTC 2011

This is a great discussion!

First, let me point out the "Improvements to Core" group on g.d.o.

It has 167 members, including many of the "elite" (though I hate that term).
Notably, Dries, and I'm many others are missing. But that could change. That
group is moderately active. I think it fits many of the needs being
addressed in this conversation, especially if it became more active.

G.d.o uses Notifications and Messaging, modules, yes? A huge improvement
would be achieved if *full messages* were sent in the email notifications
instead of only the links to g.d.o. That improvement is just a matter of
changing a simple setting, yes? That would be HUGE. Who has the power to
make that decision and how is it implemented?

The next step is for g.d.o to accept replies and/or posts via email. I
understand that is a much bigger task. But is that goal on any working
group's to-do list. If so, what is the address for that group?

In short, I think improving g.d.o. is the most important thing. I am -1 for
shutting down this list. It's use and value will evolve over time. It has
been the address for some great discussions. The fact that they may be
infrequent doesn't mean they are unimportant.

I also want to give more testimony to support what David Meltzer said about
the support list. It's not only for newbies. I'm a site builder and I answer
a lot of the newbie or even advanced site building questions. But then Dave
and others pitch in to answer module development questions. I both ask and
answer questions on the list, as do others, and that is the ideal for a
support list. I'd prefer it be on g.d.o. but I won't lobby for that until
notifications improves significantly.

Finally, I do think it is important for site-builders, UI folks and other
non-hard-core developers are present when some of the philosophical
questions are discussed -- even ones where the "philosophy" is all about the

Shai Gluskin
Owner, Content2zero
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