[development] #drupal and #drupal-contribute split

As If Productions everyone at asifproductions.com
Fri Mar 18 21:57:02 UTC 2011

I think aside from ontological questions pertaining to particular 
social groupings, a more important point was passed yesterday, and I 
don't even remember who said it.  But what I took away from it was 
this: The proper place for answers to any questions that are bound to 
be asked over and over again is NOT a live channel or email list at 
all.  The proper place for FAQs is a website.  If you ask FAQs on a 
developer list - ANY developer list - the proper answer is a URL.  Or 
a handful of URLs.

Whether they are "intended" to work this way or not, the Forums (and 
to a lesser degree, the Groups) actually serve this kind of purpose 
very well.  The Forums are always my first stop, and often my 
last.  If I had a major say in any restructuring of the Drupal 
cosmos, I would try to centralize the Forums and Groups in peoples' 
minds, and make much better use of taxonomy on d.o.

An Exercise: If you find yourself about to answer the same question 
for the 3rd time, don't do it.  Instead, go out to the Forums, open 
an issue or start a handbook page.  Put your answer there.  Title it 
well.  Tag it well.  From then on, just answer with the URL.  Then 
the listmembers and IRCsters could go back to saying "RTFM" and the 
noobs would know where to go.


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