[development] #drupal and #drupal-contribute split (Was: Re: Proposal: Move all dev support off this list to new StackExchange site)

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 19 19:23:47 UTC 2011

Earl Miles wrote:

> some people, IRC is just fundamentally unfriendly.

Not unfriendly, impossible to use as a result of restrictions or
environment or time.  It is impossible for me to contribute on IRC
because of the requirement of immediacy to its use and I don't have
minutes to participate in the immediate discussions at hand.  With email
I can contribute, answer questions, get involved in a more relaxed way.

The issue is really the focus of each individual more than it is being
elite to newbie.  There are some individuals more focused on core and
making core do more for its end users who make modules and websites from
it.  The problem is, the newbie who doesn't always do due diligence in
finding the information on using core even though the information
exists.  And to add to the problem of information is the old information
being found instead of the current release which changed something in
the old information so we have too much old and outdated information
being found when the some due diligence is attempted causing the end
user to give up and ask.  Therefore it is good to have these "silos" or
in other words focus groups in place because the work on Drupal core
needs specialty which isn't found in common and perhaps there needs to
be a focus group to deal with transition into the Drupal core focus
group to set the expectations for that group beyond contributing in the
issues queue.

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