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Ms. Nancy Wichmann nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Mon May 2 00:26:48 UTC 2011

Name calling serves no one any good.
Different people learn in different ways. I, too, am one who learns better by 
doing, so examples are beneficial, especially if they even remotely relate to my 
issue. And, yes, I even occasionally try to "do before reading" because a 
solution without a problem seems to be the tail wagging the dog.

But when it comes time to read, I do so. Unfortunately, computers only do what 
you tell them to do, so searching requires the correct terms, and Views docs, in 
particular, are filled with terms that don't trip off the fingers of the 
uninitiated readily. That's no slight to Mr. Miles at all; he writes concisely. 
In my initial response, I gave Mr. Wiseman, the term "relationship" with which 
to search, hoping that it would get him to the docs he needed. Since I was just 
waking up and needed to get ready for church, I didn't have time to find the 
article for him.

Mr. Wiseman, in case you didn't know, Mr. Miles is known as "Merlinofchaos" on 
Drupal.org; strike a bell?

I think there might be one other bit of reading that you might want to do: the 
description of these lists. In contrast to what Mr. Favia wrote, it seems to me 
that this question should have been in the Support list as it does not deal with 
the development of Drupal itself.
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From: Iain William Wiseman
Calling that "another way of learning" is like calling panhandling "another way 
of earning a living".
>Neither benefits the community you belong to and both detract from the gainful 
>contributions of others in time and resources. 
>That said your question was a reasonable one for this list imo. Some folks even 
>after reading api and docs ask much worse. Welcome to drupal. Respect others 
>time and we'll respect yours. ;)
>On May 1, 2011 3:36 PM, "Iain William Wiseman" <iwiseman at bibble.co.nz> wrote:
>> On 2/05/2011 2:23 a.m., Earl Miles wrote:
>>> On 5/1/2011 4:56 AM, Iain william Wiseman wrote:
>>>> I will google this. I am very new. Never read docs but learn by example
>>>> - bad I know.
>>> In an open source community where you're leaning on volunteers for help,
>>> this is an incredibly disrespectful way to get started in the people who
>>> work in the community.
>> Thank you for your useful contibution and your openess to other ways of 
>> learning.

Reading the docs makes little sense without real examples. Only when I 
understand how it works can I find relevance in the docs. I am not asking 
everyone to work this way but it is the way I work and I have found I make 
progress using this approach.  Google is your friend. I am happy to share my 
knowledge without first asking if someone has read the manual back to back or 
for that matter even opened it. The aim, for me, is to get people to 
contribution and to make progress. I quick google of bibble_235 drupal will show 
I also contribute as well.
On 2/05/2011 8:53 a.m., Michael Favia wrote: 
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