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Iain William Wiseman iwiseman at bibble.co.nz
Mon May 2 00:42:42 UTC 2011

On 2/05/2011 12:26 p.m., Ms. Nancy Wichmann wrote:
> Name calling serves no one any good.
> Different people learn in different ways. I, too, am one who learns 
> better by doing, so examples are beneficial, especially if they even 
> remotely relate to my issue. And, yes, I even occasionally try to "do 
> before reading" because a solution without a problem seems to be the 
> tail wagging the dog.
> But when it comes time to read, I do so. Unfortunately, computers only 
> do what you tell them to do, so searching requires the correct terms, 
> and Views docs, in particular, are filled with terms that don't trip 
> off the fingers of the uninitiated readily. That's no slight to Mr. 
> Miles at all; he writes concisely. In my initial response, I gave Mr. 
> Wiseman, the term "relationship" with which to search, hoping that it 
> would get him to the docs he needed. Since I was just waking up and 
> needed to get ready for church, I didn't have time to find the article 
> for him.
> Mr. Wiseman, in case you didn't know, Mr. Miles is known as 
> "Merlinofchaos" on Drupal.org; strike a bell?
> I think there might be one other bit of reading that you might want to 
> do: the description of these lists. In contrast to what Mr. 
> Favia wrote, it seems to me that this question should have been in the 
> Support list as it does not deal with the development of Drupal itself.
> /*Nancy*/
> Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -- Dr. Martin L. 
> King, Jr.
Thank Nancy,

So development of drupal modules which are not part of the core go to 
support - I did not know this so thanks.

Will be looking a views again tonight (day job to do!). I am looking 
into helping out port LinkedIn to Drupal 7 but felt I might be best just 
getting a simple view/database module going first. I do have on question 
with regard to building the code though, is there a standard approach to 
where to put the bits. I understand .install and .info but where how to 
split up the pages seems unclear to me.


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