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Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Apr 8 16:51:04 UTC 2013

I have done user-sharing via multi-site table prefixes before.  For the 
love of god, don't do it.  You're begging for trouble.

I am pretty sure that with the right add-on modules like domain_path, 
Domain Access can do what you want, or at least close enough.

For more information on multi-headed Drupal options, see:


and the movie version:


with slides available here:


--Larry Garfield

On 4/7/13 5:55 PM, John Summerfield wrote:
> On 07/04/13 22:26, fgm wrote:
>> You should probably avoid table sharing, and don't need it if you use
>> domain or OG to partition content.
> I tried really hard to explain that I tried both og and domains and that
> neither works for me. og is good to partition of content for a special
> interest group such as prolog programmers in a computer club.
> domain doesn't work because it wants to show me all the shared content
> I'm allowed to see whichever site I am viewing.
> In my case, everyone has to be known at birdiya.example.com, so sharing
> users seems simple and good.
> While all my sites share a common domain name, and that is what I
> intend, I don't intend to require it. If Wagerup wants to join in and
> already owns wagerup.example.net we can use that.
> birdiya.example.com should have been birdiya.example.org, but that
> shouldn't matter.
> Sharing user's isn't the greatest of my concerns, the other solutions
> fail because they do not share content the way I want to.
>> If you want really separate sites, use a SSO solution. Since all your
>> sites are under the same domain like example.org, you could use the
>> simple and rather efficient bakery module.
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>> Objet : [development] Advice on module writing
>> I've had a look at the domain modules and organic groups and neither
>> seems to do what I want.
>> What I want is to create a domain/site structure like this:
>> widgiemootha.example.org,
>> wiluna.example.org,
>> witchcliffe.example.org
>> wagin.example.org
>> wyalkatchem.example.org
>> www.example.org
>> birdiya.example.com
>> Membership between all sites will be shared, but individuals might not
>> actually be members of any particular site.
>> Drupal's multisite allows sharing tables and so membership. As far as it
>> goes, that is fine.
>> Content associated with a site will only be visible at that site.
>> A site's content at some paths, such as /About will override all others
>> at that path.
>> A site with nothing at /About _might_ inherit from birdiya, the boss
>> site. On the other hand, /News might merge news from friends.
>> Content shared with other sites will be visible at other sites.
>> Aggegator is similar in content, but sharing will be explicit.
>> One idea I have is to extend the node to have two more fields: owning
>> site-id, and sharing attributes.
>> I tried the domain modules, but when I was associated with two sites I
>> got two /About menu items, and the implementation shared users behaved a
>> little oddly: I want to switch back and forth between sites, maybe by
>> choosing them from a list of links, and not to have any problems with
>> sessions management or with access.
>> The first question is, is it in order to modify the node table? I've
>> googled and googled and not found an answer to that question.

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