[development] Bugfix releases for contrib

Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 20:11:20 UTC 2007


As a novice developer, I have an opinion question.

How rapidly should bugfixes be released using the Drupal module release

To be specific, whenever I do a point release, I get new bugs because people
upgrade or I get new users.  New bugs appear  becuase I'm a novice, and I'd
prefer not to debate that here.

The question is, how quickly should I roll a point release to address those

I've already rolled two point releases this week, and have a third pending.
So which is the "better" option:

 - Quickly release bugfix #3?
 - Post a patch for existing (known) bugs and note that a new release is
forthcoming after XX days of bug checking?

(I realize, of course, that the best option is "catch all the bugs before
releasing the module," but it's already too late for that.)

A follow-up question:

Should the consensus answer be added to

All non-flames appreciated.  Offlist is ok.

- Ken Rickard
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