[development] sudden jquery load error

António P. P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Sat Feb 5 04:11:59 UTC 2011

On 5 Fev 2011 04h03 WET, bsenftner at earthlink.net wrote:

> This is making less and less sense. 
> I've rebooted my dev station (OS X) and the web server, and moved to
> jquery update 6.2_alpha, which loads jquery 1.3.2, and configuring
> that module to load the 'development' uncompressed version... now
> FireBug errors on jquery line 1296, claiming "reference to undefined
> property jQuery.cache[id][name]".
> Moving to the Google Chrome browser, everything loads and runs fine
> with no errors. Sounds like FireFox is sick...
> Being curious, I just tried loading my project on my wife's MacBook,
> with fireFox & fireBug - loads with no error. Same version of
> FireFox & FireBug too...

Look for other extensions that you've installed. Do you have FireQuery
installed? Just an idea. It might be any other. Try disabling one by
one or create a new profile and enable the extensions one by one until
the error disappears/appears. 

--- appa

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