[development] Creating my first page.

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Sun Feb 13 04:35:13 UTC 2011

The "node" table in your database contains basic information, such as content 
type, created date, and flags like "sticky," "promoted,"  etc. The actual body 
of the content, as well as the teaser and revision history is kept in the 
"node_revisions" table. Both tables are required, at a minimum, to define a node 
(of which the "page" type may be one). If you assign any categories (taxonomy), 
that requires several more tables. Comments require more tables. Additional 
fields may be added by other modules, such as CCK, and require even more tables. 
So you can't point to any one place and say "that's my page" - it's actually 
scattered about in your database depending on what features you use. Drupal's 
code (also in pieces) will pull it all together to display it the way you want 
it shown.

You might want to start with the <a 
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From: Eric Sepich
Where will the page be stored on my hard drive? Which should I choose? Filtered 
html or full html and why?
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